Reggae Artist Collieman Album Review

Reggae Artist Collieman Album Review


Album title: Asham Meets Collieman – The Same Blood

Artist: Collieman

Label: Majestic Records

Release date: October 24, 2011

Track List:

1.       Smile

2.      Mama of Devotion

3.      Open Your Eyes

4.      Loving You

5.      Drama Queen

6.      Creation of Stardust

7.      Cyaan Stop Us Swing feat. Saimn-I

8.      Conscious Dread

9.      Let Us Get Funky

10.  Open Your Dub

11.  Creation of Stardub

12.  Devotion Dub

13.  Conscious Dub


Internationally known Belgian reggae music artist Collieman (real name Stefaan Colman) has a new album out that has been garnering good reviews from fans.  The 14-song list includes some of his famous dub step styles such as the song “Devotion Dub”, “Open Your Dub” “Creation of Stardub”, and “Conscious Dub”.  He has continued to win new fans with his music and beautiful voice.   Collieman’s band Asham created a beautiful album that will take you on a musically relaxed journey.  These tracks were recorded at Coco Jr’s Satisfactory Studio and the new Majestic studio, mixed by Not Easy At All Productions, creating an expertly mixed album.  Collieman wrote all of his own songs and many come from poetry he’s written.  The song, “Smile”, has wicked riddim rocker style of beat with the use of good horns to accentuate the song. “Open Your Eyes” is an uplifting song with more enjoyable horns played by Hans van Scharen, who has also contributed on albums of artists such as Chezidek, Earl Sixteen, Apple Gabriel also produced by Not Easy At All Productions.  A song that reminded me of the artist Burning Spear’s “Rocking Time” song called “Drama Queens” brought me back to a different time in music.  It was wonderful that Collieman was able to use who has influenced him in life on his album.