The Wailers on New Year's Eve

The last thing I expected from Niagara Falls on New Year´s Eve was a free outdoor reggae concert. This was just last year, the 2011-2012 celebration. I was in the U.S. visiting family with my Mexican girlfriend. Even though Michigan isn’t particularly close to the falls, and being Mexican she isn’t allowed to enter Canada without a visa (Canada is the more scenic side), like many foreigners she really wanted to see Niagara Falls.

So I changed the dead battery of my old beat up car and we drove out across Ohio and Buffalo to Niagara Falls, New York. We made a pass through the little casino / buffet town and saw the stage getting set up. Who would be playing? The Wailers. The Wailers? Bob Marley’s band? Sure enough, and not only that – it was outside and free. It would start around 11.

Drama in Dancehall – Weekly Reggae Music News

A reader and listener sent Trinidad Express a letter talking about his concerns about how there are many radio stations that are playing soca only during Carnival times.  Many stations are choosing to play dancehall music more than Trinidad’s native music of soca.  He also complained about how explicit the lyrics have become and being subjected or forced to listening to that type of music. He felt their traditional music was being thrown out the door.  While I agree with the listener he must understand that the radio stations are focused on the demand and the demand from listeners is that they want to hear dancehall and reggae music than soca.  The reader doesn’t understand that if a station were to play what isn’t in demand right now such as soca music the station would lose money and end up closing down.  It’s about money and overall demand that listeners and advertisers want from the radio stations. 

Bounty Killer Continued Woes

Reggae Music News for the Week of March 4th 2012

Reggae music is a cultural music which originally came in Jamaica. It became popular as Bob Marley introduces it internationally. But foreign artist invade the local music. Damian Marley thinks that Jamaica should pay more homage to their own music because it is now a bit imbalance for they don’t hear cultural music because of the influence of the foreign music. International acclaimed Reggae superstar Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley encourages the local industry to let the spirit of reggae music back to the Jamaican.

About Reggae Riddim

Reggae music is a genre that is defined by its distinctive rhythm, instrumentation and lyrical content. There are many singers and even bands that switch to reggae because of its different genres and sub-genres they can choose from.  Reggae has split off into many sub-genres, like roots reggae mostly sang by Bob Marley because of its political and spiritual form; lover’s rock, a romantic form of reggae that Americans like Janet Kay’s “Silly Games” and Louisa Mark’s “Caught you in a Lie,” where rubbing against bodies in the dark and intimate dancing is all about.

Reggae Music News

Reggae Star Shaggy is Making a Comeback

Reggae dancehall star Shaggy’s long awaited re-released album is to be released in February to concur with his fourth Grammy nomination for Best Reggae album at the 54th annual Grammy Awards. He will be attending the award show next month.  Shaggy released this album digitally seven months ago during the summer of last year in Kingston.  This album will have two new songs and a remake of a key song added to this album.  The two new songs are called “She Gives Me Love”, “Hurting,” produced by both Sly and Robbie and Sting International.  He has Kat Deluna singing on one of his songs in the new album.

Shaggy came on the reggae scene in 1995 with his album, “Boombastic” that sold well over two million copies within the United States and won a Grammy for that album. Shaggy's “Hot Shots” album that was released in 2000 was one of his biggest sellers and sold over eight million copies in the United States.  He is also completing an album with Sly and Robbie which he plans to release by around summertime with a US tour planned.

Beenie Man Turns Over a New Leaf

Dancehall artist Beenie Man changed his name to No war with Bounty Killer Again.  Beenie Man has been focused creating a positive outlook and positive music and claiming there won’t be any further war between him and his longtime rival Bounty Killer. Beenie Man has further claimed his rival is a thing of the past.  There was a recent clash between both artists in Negril and they were trading insults with each other through their songs.    Beenie Man originally bashed Bounty Killer about Lollipop song remake featuring Gabriel.  Beenie Man also informed the STAR newspaper that his new name was also Ras Paradox and he’s getting ready to release a set of new songs under his new name and he’s currently reinventing himself.  

Current Reggae News

The news pipeline has exploded with lots of reggae news for the last several weeks.  Surprising news that yesterday, December 29, 2011, Hassidic Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu reportedly kicked a photographer in the face during a concert. He allegedly broke her camera's flash in the altercation.  Matisyahu was performing at a festival in the Brooklyn area.  This was one of Matisyahu's first shows since he shaved off his trademarked beard.  He shaved off his beard    He said that he snapped when he saw the photographer.  Matisyahu shaved his head and cut off his beard as a way of personal rebirth and religious reasons. He posted a picture of the makeover on Twitter but has been refusing to discuss why he made such a drastic change and his reasoning behind it.


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