Something Lovely

The Lovely Feathers are one of those unforgettable bands you need only hear once to fall in love with. That’s how it happened with me. I was a sophomore in college, randomly playing hundreds of new indie releases, hoping to find a gem for a music review whose deadline was creeping up. It was two in the morning, I’d thrown in an album not even checking the artist, the first track blares from the speakers and I know, simply know, that it’s meant to be.  

Mexico City’s Ollin Kan Festival

A celebration of tradition and music in an effort to preserve culture.

Another wonderful music festival in Mexico takes place in the country’s capital, Mexico City.  It is called the Ollin Kan Festival and it lasts through the month of November each year, putting on display some of the best performances of music from around the world.  Ollin Kan was organized with the intent of trying to preserve musical culture in the face of a steadily expanding globalization of more commercial music and the result is a month of some unique and amazing acts all gathered in on

A Take Away From Psy's Protest Debacle

Is there a hidden lesson for America's youth in the mess that is Psy's past protest song "Dear American" coming to light?

This week, Psy, the South Korean YouTube sensation that brought "Gangnam Style" to the US, is catching some serious, career-damaging heat for past performances of music with strongly worded, threatening anti-American themes. I don't care to get into the politics of the situation, or whether or not he had a right to say what he did. This post isn't about Psy or his music. It's about what I hope our children will take away from it all.

Make a tongue-in-cheek soundtrack

If nothing else, maybe it will make you feel better.

You know how everyone suggests that you write an angry letter to people who hurt you (or even a letter of forgiveness) and never send it to make you feel better? I am totally on board with such an idea. However, this is 2013 and you aren’t limited to letters. While I wouldn’t suggest making an angry text or email draft—you might send it!—I thought of a better idea today: an angry soundtrack.

I have unconsciously been doing this for years, I have realized. I have made angry soundtracks to go with situations where I am in pain and so angry at people my blood is boiling (“Gives You Hell” comes to mind, while “Time to Begin” is often played on repeat when I’m hurt by someone). When I was so angry at some relatives this year—people I’m still not friendly with, even now, months later, after so much pain—I plastered “Don’t Give a Damn Bout My Reputation” on my Facebook wall. Not that they could see it, of course, but it made me feel a little “Stronger,” another good angry playlist song.

I’ve made dozens of playlists over the years for my husband and me—I like to write long, obnoxious notes on the CDs I’ve made for him to play in the car. Funnily enough, the latest to be added to such mixes is “Unchained Melody,” mainly because we like to sing it together on the karaoke microphones lately.

Wychwood Music Festival

Many types of music and entertainment for young and old

The Wychwood Music Festival is an event that has been taking place in Gloucestershire since the year 2005.  Though it’s relatively new, it now brings in around 10,000 people each year.  This three-day long event will be taking place from May 31st to June 2nd next year and is widely considered to be one of the best music festivals in England for those looking for something a little less party-like and more family-oriented.


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